Mal Meninga has some big calls to make on who will fill the final four places on his Kangaroos team. But the players say they’ve been focusing on forming relationships and enjoying themselves in the lead-up to the World Cup opener.

Sheridan Ireland reports.


Players describe their Fijiian training camp as a “resort” as they prepare for this month’s World Cup opener.

The team convincingly won both trial matches against Papua New Guinea and Fiji but say team bonding has been the real success for them.

Valentine Holmes, Kangaroos Back: “We probably thought it was more of a holiday. It was very fun and obviously it’s hot, so we’re hanging around the pool a lot and swimming a bit. We all play cards together so you know I’ve formed some relationships with guys that I’ve never really talked to before.”

The squad beat PNG 20 points to four, before backing it up with 18 unanswered points against Fiji.

They’ll get together again on Sunday before playing England on October 27.

Sheridan Ireland, QUT News.