A health drink scientifically developed in Brisbane has won major government funding. The probiotic drink, called ‘PERKii’, could soon be available in shops across the country.

Andy Strudwick reports.


The Palaszczuk Government is rewarding the revolutionary drink company with a $1.5 million funding boost.

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt says the Government’s Business Development Fund is designed to finance start-ups on home soil.

Curtis Pitt, Queensland Treasurer: “This process through the BDF is a bit like shark tank, it really is a panel arrangement where people have to pitch to the panel.”

The Treasurer says he’s excited about PERKii, particularly its scientific innovation.

Curtis Pitt, Queensland Treasurer: “When it comes to looking at probiotics there are different delivery mechanisms, some people don’t like taking tablets, capsules, they don’t like taking powder. In this case, it’s a very nice tasting drink with all the health benefits that go with it.”

The drink is the only one on the market, able to coat probiotics in an armour-like capsule, so they can survive stomach acid and reach the gut.

PERKii CEO Matthew Kowal says the Government’s investment is a game-changer for his company.

Matthew Kowal, PERKii CEO: “It allows us to invest in the manufacturing side, which means we can make more product quicker as we scale and it also gives us the opportunity when we start talking to more manufacturers here and abroad.”

The company has big plans for the future, with dreams to hit the shelves of cafes and supermarkets around the world.

Matthew Kowal, PERKii CEO: “The ultimate goal for us to bring as much great probiotics to as many people around the world as possible.”

Andy Strudwick, QUT News.