It’s hoped thousands more city commuters will jump on their bikes and ride to work thanks to a new cycleway from Eight Mile Plains. The final stage of the 17 kilometre ‘Veloway’ is now well underway.

Kayla Wratten reports.


It’s an increasingly popular way to get to work in the city.

When the Veloway is completed, cyclists will be able to pedal all the way from Eight Mile Plains to the CBD beside the M1.

Joe Kelly, Member for Greenslopes: “Already we’ve seen really big numbers of cyclists heading into town and out of town on this bikeway so this piece of infrastructure is going to absolutely increase that.”

There’s no need for riders to hit the brakes on the direct route, improving safety and providing a high speed commute.

Chris Cox, Space for Cycling spokesperson: “Anything that provides an uninterrupted link between major centres is what we’re really after and that serves the local communities to get in there as well.”

Offering an alternative to driving, the dedicated bikepath will help promote active and healthy lifestyles.

It’s hoped the Veloway will reduce congestion on Brisbane’s roads as drivers ditch their cars in favour of riding bikes to work on the new cycleway.

Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads: “It certainly will encourage people to leave their cars at home and get on that cycle, integrating your exercise with your work routine is something many people have been doing now.”

The State Government has invested over $30 million into the project so far with 45-million yet to be spent.

Kayla Wratten, QUT News.