A forty-year-old woman and her nine-year-old son who were lost for ten days have been found safe and well. They were rescued in remote bushland in the Hunter Valley.

Tom Copley reports.


Michelle Small and her son Dylan Deane set off on the 2nd of this month.

They became disoriented and lost in thick scrub, an hour north of Singleton.

Family and friends contacted police, but rescuers didn’t begin a search until their car was spotted a week later.

They were eventually found walking along Mount Royal Road.

Sandra Kryzius, Act. Insp. Hunter Valley Police: “We were extremely surprised, a few of us even welled up a little it was so emotional that they were in such good condition for being lost for so long.”

Michelle and Dylan say they had no food and used leaves to gather water from puddles.

Paramedics took the pair to Singleton hospital.

Sandra Kryzius, Act. Insp. Hunter Valley Police: “Obviously covered in insect bites and looking frail but it was amazing.”

Both are expected to make a full recovery.

Tom Copley, QUT News.