Hundreds of Ipswich meat workers who recently lost their jobs are now facing a brighter future. The State Government has joined forces with a major food processing company to offer new hope to worried families.

Charlotte Hartshorne reports.


More than 200 meatworkers are expected to be hired over the next 12 months in Ipswich and Wacol.

The Government has pledged financial assistance to JBS Australia offering to subsidise full-time jobs for unemployed workers.

The Premier won’t reveal the exact cost.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “It’s a very, very small assistance for long-term secure employment for both the workers and their families.”

290 people lost their jobs last month when the Churchill abattoir closed its doors.

But JBS is confident, it won’t follow the same path.

Anthony Pratt, JBS Australia: “We can offer more jobs, more security and more opportunities for the for the families in the western side of Brisbane.”

The Palaszczuk Government believes more jobs will further boost the Queensland economy.

Curtis Pitt, Qld Treasurer: “We think that’s a great outcome, not only for them and their families but for the local economy as well.”

At 7.7 per cent, the unemployment rate in Ipswich remains substantially higher than the rest of South East Queensland, where unemployment remains relatively low at 5.8 per cent.

There are more tough times ahead for Ipswich with Woolworths and Steggles planning to shut down their facilities next year.

Charlotte Hartshorne, QUT News.