Crime rates are again on the rise in Queensland. With domestic violence and robberies, among the biggest concerns for police. But the Commissioner is confident, his officers will handle the extra workload.

Zak Adkins reports.


Business is booming for Queensland crims.

A new report reveals a two per cent overall increase in crime rates.

But armed robberies are up 24 per cent on last year.

With 26 per cent more robberies.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart is confident the resources available will change this.

Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner: “I’d be silly to say I don’t want more of everything but I am realistic enough to know that there is only a certain amount and we have got to use it in the best way possible.”

Police Minister Mark Ryan says there is significant concern over the alarming rates of domestic violence.

Mark Ryan, Qld Police Minister: “Of course any incidence of domestic violence is unacceptable and we must all as a community work very very hard to combat the scurge of domestic violence.”

But it’s not just domestic violence on the rise.

The number of stolen cars has increased almost twenty per cent which is a significant concern for Brisbane residents.

The Commissioner says despite an increase in unlawful use of vehicles, authorities are hoping new technologies will help prevent theft rates.

Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner: “We are very hopeful and I think we are getting closer every day to a technological solution to help us stop this crime.”

Police have inducted a further 78 constables to assist on the front line.

Authorities are positive this will help reduce the amount of cars stolen from Brisbane homes.

Zak Adkins, QUT News.