Jeff Horn has become the first boxer to win the prestigious Don award, from the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. Athlete Raelene Boyle and AFL great Tony Lockett also were honoured at the special dinner.

Holly Parkinson reports.


Horn’s victory over Filipino boxer Manny Pacquaio won’t be easily forgotten, and now it’s cemented in history.

Jeff Horn, Boxer: “When you mix the two together and you believe in yourself and you put that hundred per cent in, that’s when that magic happens.”

AFL legend Tony Lockett was among athletes inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Dinner.

He’s been Labelled the AFL’s greatest goal-kicker.

Tony Lockett, AFL star: “I feel very honoured, very privileged, very proud to be here tonight and amongst all these great athletes.”

Raelene Boyle was also inducted, after a rewarding 15-year career.

The legendary sprinter won 14 national titles and seven Commonwealth Games golds.

Holly Parkinson, QUT News.