The Queensland Government is considering appealing the suspended sentence, for a man who pled guilty to the manslaughter of his young stepson. The Attorney General told Parliament there is growing public concern around the issue.

Elisabeth Moss reports.


Matthew Scown plead guilty to the manslaughter of four-year-old Tyrell Cobb.

On Wednesday, he received a suspended prison sentence.

As he walked free from the court, Scown smiled and laughed.

Matthew Scown: “Do you regret not acting sooner?”

Social media erupted with angry calls to sack those in the justice system.

Yvette D’ath, Qld Attorney-General: “The public were rightly disturbed by the response of Mr. Matthew Scown as he left court yesterday.”

Many are not happy with the suspended sentence as they don’t believe it fits the crime.

As the public outcry grows The Queensland Government will ask its sentencing advisory council whether harsher penalties should be handed to people convicted over the death of a child.

Yvette D’ath, Qld Attorney-General: “When the death of a child occurs we are all heartbroken, but when these deaths occur at the hands of another person, we all want to ensure that community’s expectations are being met to hold people to account.”

Four-year-old Tyrell died in May 2009 from internal bleeding and injuries caused by blunt force trauma.

Mr. Scown didn’t cause the injuries, however he failed to contact authorities or seek medical help for the boy.

Scown was originally charged with murder and has already spent two years and eight months in custody.

Elisabeth Moss, QUT News.