Queenslanders are being encouraged to get out of their cars and get to work under their own steam, by ‘active travel’. Reducing traffic congestion in Brisbane would also keep people healthier.

Holly Parkinson reports.


It’s time to walk, cycle or catch public transport to school, uni and work.

New research shows being more active could lengthen the life of every Brisbane resident, by five days or more.

Belen Zapata-Diomedi, UQ Researcher: “We could also reduce the burden of disease from heart disease by preventing 44,000 cases and diabetes 90,000 cases.”

Strokes, colon cancer and breast cancer cases could also be reduced.

Brisbane City Council’s goal is to get 15 per cent of people walking, five per cent cycling and 14 per cent using public transport, but that’s not always easy to achieve.

Vox 1: “Around the CBD definitely bus but outside CBD in the suburbia area definitely car, because buses are not accessible in those areas.”

Vox 2:  “It’s cheap and it’s a good way of not using too much energy.”

It’s hoped more people travelling actively could reduce the number of drivers on our roads by as much as 20 per cent.

Studies show 57 per cent of Australians don’t get enough exercise, but by becoming active travelers, and stepping out of our cars, people can reverse that statistic.

Andrew Demack, Bicycle Queensland Development Officer: “Lots of people say ‘oh it’s too far’ or ‘I couldn’t do it’ anyway that you can start having some exercise built into your day is going to be positive for you.”

If you need an excuse to get started, next Wednesday is ‘Ride to Work’ day.

Holly Parkinson, QUT News.