Katter’s Australian Party has failed to stop plans for tougher gun laws in Queensland. The gun at the centre of the debate is a lever-action shotgun, a powerful weapon that fires and reloads instantly.

James Ives reports.


This rapid-fire firearm can shoot eight bullets in as many seconds.

Last night, the Government voted against the motion by Katter’s Australian Party to block the reclassification of this weapon.

Mark Ryan, Minister for Police, Firm and Emergency Services: “This new regulation limits access to high capacity level action shot guns in the community, and increases community safety here in Queensland.”

Rob Katter says it’s an unfair political move by the Queensland Government.

Rob Katter, KAP State Leader: “It’s low-hanging fruit for them to politically use and discriminate against the firearm users and its pretty easy to appeal to say let’s get rid of firearms and that’ll make you safer and unfortunately that’s not true.”

The new regulations only relate to lever-action shot guns.

Lever-action shotguns in Queensland will now face tougher restrictions and be classified in the same category as pump-action and self-loading weapons.

Gun shop owner, David Auger, says when it comes to firearms the Government is misinformed.

David Auger, Gun Shop Owner: “People making changes and giving advice usually don’t know what they are talking about so a law gets changed when it’s not necessary to change it.”

The amendments will come into effect in March 2018.

And late this afternoon, Police displayed some of the 1,600 firearms Queenslanders have handed in as a part of the national gun amnesty.

Bob Gee, Deputy Police Commissioner: “Guns in the wrong hands create a lot of self-harm and threats to others we don’t want to see that.”

James Ives, QUT News.