Homeowners in three states could be paid for turning off appliances during periods of high power demand.

The Commonwealth is offering rebates on their bills in a bid to prevent Summer power outages.

Zak Adkins reports.


Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg says the government will subsidise residents if they reduce their energy usage.

Josh Frydenberg, Energy Minister: “They may see a payment of $25 or more per event where they are asked to turn down their appliances and their power use.”

That will come off their bills.

The government says the scheme will reduce energy overload and benefit consumer wallets.

Josh Frydenberg, Energy Minister: “It’s a win win for the public and the energy system.”

It’s understood the Federal Government will contribute nearly thirty million dollars to support the benefit whilst the NSW Government will be contributing seven million.

Energy companies may also run special events to benefit participating homeowners.

Ivor Frischknecht, Arena CEO: “Some may offer a reduction in tariffs. Some may give you a free day or a free weekend of electricity.”

Queenslanders have not yet been offered the same benefit, and those who have ‘off peak’ or ‘peak smart’ appliances may have their equipment controlled automatically to save power.

Zak Adkins, QUT News.