An out-of-control semi-trailer has crashed into cars and buildings leaving a trail of destruction in the Hunter Valley.

It burst into flames with several locals injured, one critically.

James Ives reports.


The fertiliser truck was allegedly stolen from a service station more than 100 kilometres away.

It eventually came to a grinding halt as it careered through the main street of Singleton.

Vox 1: “A truck come down the inside and it plough straight the building.”

Police officers had tried to stop the vehicle by deploying road spikes.

But it wasn’t enough.

The truck swerved on, eventually crashing into a local pub and bursting into flames.

Some locals described it as a war zone, with thick black smoke and widespread debris.

Vox 1: “And a fire ball shot out and a guy got out and run across the road – that’s all we seen.”

Five people were injured, one seriously.

The male driver was arrested.

James Ives, Qut News.