The lives of 20 young people with disabilities is improving.

They’re about to move into a purpose-built housing project in Brisbane.

Kayla Wratten reports.


The Lord Mayor did the honours, officially opening up a much needed facility in Mitchelton.

These two houses and four villas will soon be home to young people with disabilities.

It’ll enable the 20 residents to live independently.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “Everyone in this city has a journey and life, and those lives can be very varied.”

The housing project fills a gap that exists for those with a disability, boosting life skills and improving personal development.

Kerry Browne, HELP Enterprises: “They were largely displaced people, they were living rough and never ever in their life had they felt safe and secure, and it took a while to convince them it was actually their home.”

The residents are excited about the prospect of forming long-lasting friendships.

These housing projects will dramatically improve the lives of residents just like Melinda and Mary, as they learn to live independently of their families.

Melinda Beasley, resident: “It’s good, really good, and I love it.”

Anne Quirk, Lady Mayoress: “And these homes will make a permanent difference to the lives of many families, and ensures the residents have access to a lifestyle that gives them community spirit we all take for granted.”

For these young people, there’s no place like home.

Kayla Wratten, QUT News.