Queenslanders have been feeling the heat this week.

But one Brisbane marathon runner has been cool as an ice block.

Elise Donaldson reports.


He’s a man who loves tackling adversity.

But his next destination will prove the ultimate test.

Carlo Tonini is training for an extreme event – the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

Competitors face a treacherous running surface, minus 20 degree temperatures and powerful winds.

Carlos Tonini, Marathon runner: “Naturally down here today, hopefully I get a feel of what it’s like here to run in a bit cooler temperatures.”

Carlo has already competed on six continents and wants to join the prestigious Seven Continents Marathon Club.

There are only 154 members.

Carlo is using his marathon adventures to raise much needed funds for cancer research, and so far he has raised an astonishing $118,000.

He started up what’s called the World’s Biggest Dinner.

Carlos Tonini, Marathon runner: “In its inaugural year we had 55 registered dinners, eight countries got involved, and we raised just shy of $75,000.”

The next dinner event will held in Brisbane in November and an ice skating olympic hero is joining in.

Steven Bradbury, Olympic gold medalist: “I’ll be the guest speaker at the event, and Duncan Armstrong, Olympic swimming legend will be the MC, so they’ll be a lot of Olympic banter happening there and hopefully a whole heap of funds for cure cancer.”

You can register to host a dinner at worldsbiggestdinner.com.

Elise Donaldson, QUT News.