Two Brisbane brothers have completed an epic journey for depression research. They rode their motorbikes around the world overcoming their own obstacles.

James Ives reports.


It was an emotional homecoming for Dylan and Lawson Reid the brothers finally completing their two-and-a-half year motorcycle marathon at Herston this morning.

They overcame mechanical problems, broken bones and frost bite, raising $72,000 for mental health research.

The inspiration was the death of their sister from suicide in 2011.

Dylan Reid, Motorbike marathon rider: “We were definitely tested but we had two things on our side: one was our commitment to QIMR Berghofer and therefore our sister and the second one was each other.”

Money raised by the Reids will go a long way towards developing diagnostic tests for depression.

Professor Michael Breakspear, QIMR: “Speech, smart phones, a whole range of technologies to come up with ways of improving the diagnosis for depression.”

Misdiagnosis is contributing to the average wait times for mental health treatments, which Professor Breakspear says is about two years from onset of the disorder.

It is hoped that in five to ten years, these blood tests and brain imagine scans will help patients get the correct treatment soon.

As for the Reid boys, any plans for another fund raising adventure hasn’t crossed their minds.

Dylan and Lawson Reid: “I don’t think we will, we haven’t thought about work yet.’

James Ives, QUT News.