Queensland fire fighters have paused to pay tribute to colleagues who died in the line of duty. Services were held across the state to commemorate Firefighters Remembrance Day.

Charlotte Hartshorne reports.


It’s the most important day in the lives of firefighters.

Remembering those comrades who made then ultimate sacrifice.

For family and friends of those who have lost their lives, Firefighters Remembrance Day provides an opportunity to come together and reflect.

Matthew Kelemen, Senior Firefighter, Roma St Station: “I have a very close friend who passed away ten years ago, so today means a lot for me to come here with his wife and his sons to pay my respects to him.”

The most recent fatality was last year near Dalby on the Darling Downs.

A reminder just how dangerous this job is.

Katarina Carroll, QFES Commissioner: “So today is a day of recognition for the 51 firefighters that have passed away in the line of duty since 1877.”

Each year firefighters are recognised for their courage and dedication protecting the public.

Neil Gallant, QFES Assistant Commissioner: “Firefighting tends to attract those people that like to serve the community, um they get a real kick out of making a difference in peoples lives.”

Flags fly at half mast at fire stations today, remembering those who sacrificed their safety to protect our lives.

A minute’s silence to honour their sacrifice.

Charlotte Hartshorne, QUT News.