As far as protests go, this one is stating the “bleating” obvious. An Australian businessman has used a flock of sheep in a David versus Goliath legal battle over the right to use the word ‘ugg’.

Tom Copley reports.


It might not be the biggest protest happening in America right now, but it’s definitely the most Aussie.

Eddie Oygur owns Australian Leather, which has been making the famous Ugg Boots since the early 1990s.

He’s being sued for millions by a U.S. company for using the term Ugg boot Australia, which they claim to have global rights over.

Oygur says Deckers has been pulling the wool over consumer’s eyes, as the boots are made in China and Vietnam.

Eddie Oygur, Australian Leather: “I have no choice. So I’ve mortgaged everything I have, and have to, because someone’s got to stand up to them.”

South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon flew over to join the protest.

Nick Xenophon, Australian senator: “The fact that their website actually says, you can tell its a fake if its been made in Australia or New Zealand because ours are made in China. I mean, go figure. Deckers have really been pulling the wool over the eyes of consumers and they’ve literally been trying to fleece Eddie.”

Police arrived to disperse the crowd but it wasn’t taken well by some who briefly escaped down the street.

All escapees were safely rounded up, with a little extra publicity for Oygur’s cause to boot.

Tom Copley, QUT News.