Queenslanders are being warned to get ready for storm season. The Weather Bureau is predicting an average number of cyclones, but they say they’ll bring more heatwave conditions than severe floods.

Elisabeth Moss reports.


Months after the devastation of tropical Cyclone Debbie, Queensland continues to rebuild.

Since 2011, the state has been hit by more than 50 significant natural disasters.

Annastacia Palasczsuk, Queensland Premier: “We never can predict the exact timing of cyclones or the exact impact and we we saw from Tropical Cyclone Debbie was an absolutely huge impact across our State.”

And the wild weather is already upon us again.

Victoria Dodds, Bureau of Meterology Acting State Manager Queensland:¬†“We’re very much in the midst of severe storm season as we saw from Bundaberg last week where we’ve had severe storms causing flash flooding.”

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, we should expect another typical summer – cyclones and all.

Victoria Dodds,¬†Bureau of Meterology Acting State Manager Queensland: “We’d look to be getting about 10-13 tropical cyclones forming somewhere in Australian waters this year.”

Of these cyclones, it’s predicted at least one will cross the Queensland coast.

October is the time to make sure that you’re ready for for the storm season.

Emergency services are encouraging residents to tidy up their gardens and secure any loose items, which can become missiles in a tropical storm.

With summer on its way, planning for the “what if” will help to keep families safe.

Elisabeth Moss, QUT News.