Plans have been unveiled for a dramatic new redevelopment of the Redcliffe foreshore. It includes including an inflatable water park off the coast. But not everyone is in favour of the project.

Charmaine Mifsud reports.


The master plan will stretch 15kms and cover 30 parks of Redcliffe’s foreshore.

Mayor Allan Sutherland says it will be a magnet for visitors.

Allan Sutherland, Mayor of Moreton Bay Region: “I think competition, events, festivals they bring more people to the region and it brings repeat business.”

But local businesses beg to differ.

They say they’ve done the hard yards and deserve better.

Caitie Meredith, Co-owner cafe: “It took us 12 months to get through council with Moreton Bay to be able to open our doors and a lot of red tape and very hefty prices.”

Joanne Daggar: “It’ll kill us, it’ll kill the whole lot of us, we’ll all go out of business were all paying rents, massive rents, we’ve all got high overheads that food trucks don’t have.”

But Mr Sutherland says he wants the best for everyone.

Allan Sutherland, Mayor of Moreton Bay Region: “We’ll work with the businesses and we’ll work with the traders to make sure that we get good outcomes.”

Council received more than 600 online survey responses and almost 200 ideas from its public displays, labelling the water park as the overwhelming preference, with school holidays just around the corner.

The Foreshore trial will run for a three month period with plans to become an annual event.

Charmaine Mifsud, QUT News.