Brisbane City Council is offering a subsidy, if you have your pet micro-chipped. So far this year, more than 1,500 unidentifiable pets have been impounded. City Hall says the deal will save you money, and keep your pet safe.

Vivien Topalovic reports.


At just $30, it’s never been so cheap to protect your four-legged friend.

Councillor Matthew Bourke is encouraging all pet owners to take advantage of the subsidy.

Matthew Bourke, Lifestyle and Community Services Chairman: “One way you can do this is by making sure your dog or cat is microchipped. It’ll make it easier for us to if your dog does become lost or cat does become lost to return that animal to you.”

John Haynes lost his dog ‘Geisha’ for eight weeks and thought she was gone forever.

John Haynes, Dog Owner: “We had the great call from the Brisbane City Council refuge to say they’ve found her and that’s almost as happy as getting married.”

He says all pet owners should get on board.

John Haynes, Dog Owner: “If you love your dog, you would have it microchipped and you would also register it with the Australian animal register.”

By law, all cats and dogs should be microchipped before 12 weeks of age.

The first microchipping event will be this Saturday at Boyd Park in Nundah.

If you register online, you can save up to $80.

Councillor Bourke says the procedure is painless and harmless perfect for your four-legged-friend.

Vivien Topalovic, QUT News.