A 31 year murder cold case looks to have been solved. Police say Sharon Phillips was murdered by a taxi driver, who picked her up on the night of May 9, 1986. The young woman’s never been seen again.

Tianna Balmer reports.


It’s a major breakthrough in one of Queensland’s longest-ever cold cases.

Sharron Phillips was 20 when she disappeared in 1986 after her car ran out of petrol in Wacol late at night.

31 years later, Detective Inspector Damien Hansen has no doubt Raymond Peter Mulvihill, a taxi driver who died 15 years ago killed Sharron Phillips.

Detective Inspector, Damien Hansen: “If Raymond Peter Mulvihill was alive today, he would be arrested for the murder of Sharron Phillips.”

The investigation was reopened by police in 2016 after a tip-off.

A search of land at Carole Park followed but soil taken from two drains failed to find any trace of human remains.

Police today ruled out Sharron’s father as a person of interest.

Detective Inspector, Damien Hansen: “I can say from the evidence available, there is no evidence at all that would implicate Bob Phillips with the murder of Sharron.”

It’s still not known whether Mulvihill had an accomplice.

Investigators now want to talk to anyone who lived near Mulvihill, in Russell Drive, Redbank Plains at the time Sharron Phillips disappeared.

Detective Inspector, Damien Hansen: “We will continue to investigate the possibility any other person has been involved, any person has assisted him and we will always continue to search for Sharron’s remains.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crimestoppers.

Tianna Balmer, QUT News.