Just over a year after its official opening, QUT’s second Creative Industries precinct is well and truly thriving. The stunning facility is the home of dance, music and sound production students. And it’s a daily hub for inspired creativity and learning.

Laura Frendon reports.


It was designed to be a world class learning institution.

A building students love and want to work in.

Greg Jenkins, QUT Creative Industries Lecturer: “They stay in the building they work in the building and you can walk in here anytime of the day or night pretty much on any day and you’ll see a group of students sitting down working together.”

The six storey building provides a variety of presentation and display spaces, as well as extensive learning facilities.

It’s proving popular as a sought-after study option for dance, drama, music and visual arts students.

Action from the interior is brought into the exterior.

Greg Jenkins, QUT Creative Industries Lecturer: “It’s no longer a secret a to what goes on here. Before there were black boxes and people would disappear into them and you never knew what went on. But now you actually see that creative process.”

Study nooks and informal spaces are especially popular for social learning and workshops.

Greg Jenkins, QUT Creative Industries Lecturer: “So these kind of otherwise what would just be utility spaces to get from one room to another become active spaces where the creative work continues.”

Students say they’re thriving in the new building, and that it’s better than they ever could have imagined.

Vox 1: “The drama studios themselves, really nice, really well equipped.”

Vox 2: “It’s got spaces for every kind of like show you might need to present.”

Vox 3: “It’s nice to spend time with your friends doing your work and not having to be stuck in small rooms.”

Staff agree the building has cemented QUT as Australia’s leading teaching and learning institution for the creative industries.

Laura Frendon, QUT News.