It’s less than six months to the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Now schools across the country are being encouraged to ‘get their boogie on’ with the Games Mascot, Borobi, and the new dance challenge got off to an enthusiastic start in Brisbane.

Dominic Elsome reports.


Strut your stuff and get fit that’s the message Borobi the Koala has for school children across Australia.

Today the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games’ mascot launched the official ‘Borobi Boogie Dance’ at Petrie Terrace State School.

Kate Jones, Minister for the Commonwealth Games: “This really is about the long-term legacy of the Commonwealth Games, and encouraging our young Queenslanders to be fit and active. And there’s no more enjoyable way to get fit and active than to dance.”

Students love the idea.

Vox 1: “He was really cool and he seemed very energetic.”

Vox 2: “I thought he was really cute and very friendly.”

Vox 3: “I’m looking forward to the swimming, athletics, and netball.”

Teachers are being asked to record their students performing the dance, then upload it to their Facebook page.

Some suggestions for dancers include, organising flash mobs and challenging other schools to dance offs.

Perhaps the Borobi Boogie will become the next internet sensation.

The Minister is hoping the idea really takes off.

Kate Jones, Minister for the Commonwealth Games: “And look, we actually want all Australian schools to get behind it. I mean Borobi is such a great character. The Borobi Boogie is an easy dance, that anyone can do, and we want all school children to get involved.”

The games kick off on April four and if today’s song and dance is anything to go by it’s going to be one hell of a party.

Dominic Elsome, QUT News.