Queenslanders at risk of chronic disease have a new lifeline.

The government has launched a healthy lifestyle program to help prevent conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Ashlee Press reports.


The My Health For Life program targets those at highest risk of chronic diseases.

Cameron Dick took a quick medical before admitting that the health of Queenslanders could be better.

Cameron Dick, Qld Minister for Health and Ambulance Services: “The truth of the matter in our state is, that we have a challenge with obesity and we have a challenge with the development of chronic illness.”

A quarter of all Australians have two or more chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, a mental health condition or cardiovascular disease.

Not only will the program save lives, it’ll also save money.

Cameron Dick, Qld Minister for Health and Ambulance Services: “And that will be to the manifest benefit of individuals, families and the community. So there is potentially very significant savings if we can get preventative health right in our state.”

The Healthier Queensland Alliance is adamant the program will play an important role in at-risk lives.

Michelle Trute, CEO, Diabetes Queensland: “So programs like My Health For Life where we are going to prevent people getting type two diabetes, heart disease and stroke will actually make a massive difference to the Queensland population.”

The program offers those at risk of developing chronic disease advice on how to stay healthy.

Bob Slater, Pharmacy Owner: “If people want to come to the clinic, it’s very easy, just ask.”

Prevention, better than a cure.

Ashlee Press, QUT News.