Cyclists have slammed the new surface of Brisbane’s Goodwill Bridge.

They say it’s dangerous when wet, and the government is investigating.

Charmaine Mifsud reports.


Cycling on the newly resurfaced Goodwill Bridge when it’s wet isn’t easy.

Bicycle advocacy groups are even concerned for pedestrians.

Belinda Ward, Advocate, Space for Cycling Brisbane: “I came across yesterday and the people in who were walking across in runners were squelching away it’s obviously slippery for people running or walking across the bridge and that’s really just not good enough.”

The product used to resurface the bridge was extensively tested and met Australian standards.

But it hasn’t been enough to stop cyclists from losing traction.

Belinda Ward, Advocate, Space for Cycling Brisbane: “Even at very slow speed, to put your brakes on the danger is that then if you lose traction with the surface of the bridge that’s when you can easily fall off the bike.”

Another bike group says it’s vital the problem is fixed as thousands of commuters use it daily.

Andrew Demack, Development Officer, Bicycles QLD: “I think it just shows that the Goodwill bridge is such an important part of the bike and pedestrian infrastructure of Brisbane that it’s vital that they get this right.”

The Minister for Housing and Public Works, a committed cyclist, Mr Mick De Brenni is calling for an urgent investigation into the dangerous surface.

Experts inspected the new surface this afternoon with a view to finding a solution.

Charmaine Mifsud, QUT News.