A special ceremony was held to mark World Animal Day in Brisbane.

Dogs, cats and other creatures at the RSPCA were blessed, to promote animal welfare.

Laura Frendon reports.


They’re without a family and without a home, but not without those who care.

Father Olaf, St Michael’s Anglican Church: “Bless you and keep you always amen. May you find a happy home.”

A blessing ceremony was performed at the RSPCA in honour of all animals.

Father Olaf, St Michael’s Anglican Church: “We pray for farmers, that the animals in their care are treated with dignity and respect.”

Ceremonies like this are taking place globally, with another one planned for New Farm on Sunday.

Father Olaf, St Michael’s Anglican Church: “They get a blessing and they get a medallion of Saint Francis. They can put that on their dog collar.”

Hundreds and thousands of animals come to the RSPCA each year and less than half of them find a home.

If you’re looking for a new pet, you know where to come.

The animal welfare group takes in tens of thousands of cats, dogs and other creatures each year.

Emma Lagoon, Spokesperson, RSPCA: “We’re hoping more people will adopt from World Animal Day and exposure for our pets that we have in care.”

It’s an opportunity to make a difference for all creatures great and small.

Laura Frendon, QUT News.