The weekend rain brought welcome heat relief to many parts of the South East, but it also came at a cost, with some centres copping a storm walloping.

Lexi Kehl reports.


Last week, kids flocked to water spots in 35 degree heat.

Today, pools were almost deserted, under cloudy skies.

Temperatures plummeted from the high 30s, to 20 degrees by Monday, and the rain started falling.

Brisbane received around 31 millimeters.

But Bundaberg copped a huge downpour, with 286 millimeters of rain across six hours.

Thousands of homes lost power, and residents faced a huge clean-up from the storm they called “a tornado”.

Andrew Freeman, Senior Strategic Advisor, AgForce: “I think Bundaberg will recover, and I think the people of Bundaberg are pretty resilient and again will get things cleaned up and back on track pretty quickly.”

Despite the soaking, the region’s farmers are not celebrating yet.

Andrew Freeman, Senior Strategic Advisor, AgForce: “Coming out of a drought is a very slow process, first of all you’ve got to have the rainfall, you’ve got to have the recovery and pastures and crops and then there’s also an economic recovery that has to occur.”

Forecasters say more rain is on the way, and higher temperatures.

Tony Auden, Channel 7 Weather Forecaster and Meteorologist: “Climate models are suggesting above average rainfall for October into the start of November, coming in the main part of the storm season.”

After a slightly wet long weekend, the sun sure is shining now, but don’t be too quick to put those brollies away.

All indications are that Queensland is set for a significant wet season.

Lexi Kehl, QUT News.