The shooting in Las Vegas has again ignited calls for America to change its attitude to guns and gun control.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says this latest tragedy shows why Australia’s tough gun laws are so important.

Dominic Elsome reports.


Once again, the US has suffered an horrific massacre at the hands of a lone gunman.

Australian tourist Sarah Sleeter recalls the horror she felt when caught in the shooting.

Sarah Sleeter, Australian Tourist: “That feeling of my children might not be able to grow up with a mum, really got to me hard. And it’s something that is going to be with me forever.”

As investigations continue, attention is turning to US gun laws and America’s attitude to firearms.

Questions are being asked – just how did Stephen Paddock amass such a deadly arsenal – and use it to bring such terror?

His brother, Eric Paddock, says Stephen only had one rifle and it was locked in a safe.

Eric Paddock, Gunman’s Brother: “I mean, he had no machine guns, I moved his house. I mean there were no machine guns.”

But authorities in Nevada found a massive cache of weapons at the shooter’s home in addition to the 16 guns found in his hotel room.

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, Clark County Nevada: “An excess of 18 additional firearms. Some explosives, and several thousand rounds of ammo.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull condemned the shooting and reminded Australians just how important our strict gun laws are.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “This was a brutal and callous killing. Completely senseless. It’s a reminder of why we must be tireless in our efforts to protect Australians.”

A sentiment shared by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “Thank God we live in Australia. Thank God we have strong gun laws.”

Australia’s gun laws were introduced in 1996 following the Port Arthur Massacre, when Martin Bryant killed 35 people with two semi-automatic rifles.

More than a million weapons were bought-back by the federal government and destroyed.

Australia has some of the strictest gun laws in the world.

Dominic Elsome, QUT News.