Police are cracking down on drivers speeding through school zones, and the RACQ revealed most of those caught knew they were going too fast.

Bryce Heaton reports.


Motorists are already feeling the sting of more roadside radars, as Queensland Police up the ante on speeding drivers.

They’re cracking down on complacent drivers in school zones, research from the RACQ showing an increase in carelessness from last year.

Clare Christensen, RACQ Spokesperson: “I think it’s really important that motorists remember that children are some of the most vulnerable road users we have, their spatial awareness isn’t yet developed enough for them to understand the dangers that cars can pose.”

School zones are usually in effect between seven and nine in the morning and two and four in the afternoon.

The RACQ says heed the 40km/h signs, or else.

Clare Christensen, RACQ Spokesperson: “Do the right thing, go the speed limit, you will get caught eventually if you are speeding.”

More than 82% of motorists that admitted to speeding in school zones said they did so simply because they thought they wouldn’t get caught.

That’s a 30% increase on last year.

The crackdown coming as a welcome relief for parents as kids go back to school.

Vox 1: “People do come through here at breakneck speed and they shouldn’t.”

Vox 2: “I always do 40km/h in a school zone, especially with little kids running out on the road.”

Vox 3: “Doesn’t matter what you do you will always get caught.”

As some drivers found out the hard way this morning.

Bryce Heaton, QUT News.