Protestors claim changed traffic conditions near a southside school are endangering children’s lives. City Hall says the street closure is only temporary and has been authorised by police.

Natalie Brown reports.


One of Brisbane’s biggest schools is facing at least four months of chaos after the Council’s decision to close Illaweena Street.

It runs past Stretton State College and connects Beaudesert Road to the Logan Motorway.

Parents expected intermittent closures during work on the Logan Motorway, but the council says that would result in queuing through other intersections, impacting traffic and safety around the college.

The P&C isn’t convinced.

Louise Nann, President of the Stretton College P&C Association: “Their decision has no basis and the road closure has caused utter chaos with not only our community of Stretton State College but the wider community.”

Protesters have already seen drivers doing illegal turns throughout the area.

They say the road’s closure means what would normally be a 10 minute journey now takes up to an hour.

This issue isn’t only about traffic delays.

The protesters are concerned the road’s closure is leading to students missing out on valuable time in the classroom.

Duncan Pegg MP, Member for Stretton: “Every student deserves a fair go and to get a fair education and they’re not getting it. So many are not getting it today because they’re coming late due to the traffic chaos.”

The protesters say the decision to close Illaweena Road should be reversed.

Natalie Brown, QUT News.