He’s one of the premiere names in the fashion industry, but Jimmy Choo still made time to share his knowledge with Queensland students this week. However, one QUT student had a head over heels experience like no other.

Ben Downie reports.


Kaileigh Carew is a fashion and journalism student at QUT.

Today, she swapped the stole for stilletos, to stride the catwalk in Jimmy Choo’s latest collection.

And Kaileigh looked right at home at the prestigious occasion.

Kaileigh Carew, Choo Model: “Yeah, yeah it was really good, once you’re up there like it feels like it’s over in the blink of an eye and you just want to do it again.”

It was valuable career experience for the nineteen-year-old, whose studies normally see her on the other side of the curtain.

Kaileigh Carew, Choo Model: “Say I’m working in a magazine I can also help doing the photoshoots and stuff because I know what happens behind the scenes now because I’ve experienced it.”

Professor Choo sold his fashion empire earlier this year.

Now, he enjoying what he does best, developing young talent like Kaileigh.

Jimmy Choo, Fashion Designer: “If you have a chance for me I like to travel around the world, share my experience, share my knowledge with all the students.”

He’s known for his friendly demeanor, but his name alone still inspires nerves.

Kaileigh Carew, Choo Model: “I was so nervous like just because it’s Jimmy Choo, like it’s just a huge opportunity and I didn’t want to fall on my face.”

Jimmy Choo’s visit wraps up next week, but after events like today’s lunch, there’s no denying the designer has made an impression on Queensland.

Ben Downie QUT News.