Security has been bolstered for tomorrow night’s Riverfire festival. Up to half a million people are expected to attend Brisbane’s annual fireworks spectacular.

Johanna Little reports.


Australia’s military might on display. One of the Air Force’s new F/A 18g Growlers in the midst of rehearsing for Riverfire tomorrow night.

The fireworks display is entering its twentieth year and restaurants are ready for the festival.

The hot weather is a boon for some.

VOX 1: “Yeah, definitely, It’s been busy so we’re going to get pretty slammed.”

The Plough Inn is expecting a busy night as well.

Mal Sipple, General Manager: “From 4 o’Clock we’re adults only cause of the style of venue we are and that’ll slowly build up to the fireworks from then on, you know probably getting close to a thousand people in here by the time it’s full.”

Around 500,000 people are expected to attend the event tomorrow night.

And security is a concern for many of them.

VOX 2: “There’s huge crowds if you have small children you’ve got to keep an eye on them and things like that.”

Extra Police will be patrolling South Brisbane, The CBD, Kangaroo point and New Farm tomorrow.

South Bank security will confiscate alcohol, glass and opened bottles.

There are no known threats involving Riverfire, but police say not to be complacent.

David Chapman, Acting Super Intendant: “We encourage people to be mindful of their surroundings and be alert to their surroundings.”

With parking limited and roads closed, Authorities are encouraging spectators to make their way home on busses and trains. Fares will be free following the fireworks until 9:30.

Johanna Little QUT News.