US Rapper Macklemore continues to defy criticism of his choice to perform a marriage equality anthem at Sunday’s Rugby League Grand Final. And our PM is backing him, showing a few rapping skills of his own, on national media.

Rachael Maguire reports.


Malcolm Turnbull was in a ‘sporty’ performance mode.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “Waleed you’re the man. You’re the Tiger’s fan… Woah! You can talk. The Crows can squark. Woah!”

He says Macklemore has every right to perform his hit “Same Love” despite the controversy.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott had called for the song to be banned, saying it politicised sport.

Macklemore responded that his critics were “grumpy old white dudes”.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “He’s certainly a white dude and I guess it depends on his mood at the time.”

Macklemore says he’s honoured to be performing in Australia.

He was due to arrive today.

That’s been delayed possibly until Sunday.

Rachel Maguire, QUT News.