Queensland’s record-breaking heatwave has hit the state’s southeast.

As people in Brisbane sweltered the Cancer Council warned there isn’t enough shade in the city.

Ethan Gould reports.


Unseasonably hot weather has scorched Brisbane as temperatures rise well into the thirties.

As many search for shelter, there are growing concerns that Brisbane’s most popular areas lack proper shading.

Chris McMillan, Cancer Council Queensland: “They should be looking into areas where the public are out and about, such as King George Square here in Brisbane, very big area that people congregate to through their lunch times and through, just, parts of the day and its largely leaving people exposed to the sun in that huge area.”

Amidst one of the hottest Septembers on record, health services are warning people to take proper precautions.

Tony Hucker, Queensland Ambulance Service: “If you have to be out in the hottest part of the day make sure you are aware that if you start feeling tired or headachey, dry you need to get out of the heat and start cooling yourself down and improve your hydration with lots of water.”

And it’s not just about us.

Pet owners have been reminded to look after their furry friends with ample water and shade.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA Spokesperson: “Hot weathers on the way, we all know that, please look after your pet. Every year we get animals that die from heat stress, lets try and make this year the year that it doesn’t happen.”

Here in Springfield, temperatures have soared to the high thirties, with many flocking to the pool to try and escape the heat.

The hot weather will continue into the weekend, with a cool change expected Sunday.

Ethan Gould, QUT News.