He’s a little boy with a big heart.

The nine-year-old has traveled around Australia, raising funds for kids with cancer and lighting up their lives.

Emma Crichton reports.


Bryce U-Ren has been giving young cancer patients at Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Hospital a reason to smile.

Vox 1: “Look how green it is.”

After visiting eight children’s hospitals in Australia, schoolboy Bryce knows all about cancer.

Bryce U-Ren, MaxLove Project: “I wanted to help kids with cancer and I’d seen my mum go through cancer and I thought how scary it would be to be a child with cancer.”

His mum was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease six years ago, the same month four-year old family-friend Max found out he had brain cancer.

After returning home from hospital, Max was afraid of the dark.

A night light solved the problem and so began the Max Love Project.

Amy Kenworthy, Bryce’s Mother: “Whenever Bryce talks about this and whenever Bryce smiles about it and spreads the love, hope, happiness and joy that he’s created with this it melts my heart.”

Max’s parents collaborated with Cloud B to create SuperMax the Turtle a specialised nightlight for children with cancer.

Nine-year-old Bryce joined the cause setting a goal to raise enough money to buy more than 800 of them for young cancer patients.

Today marks the last day of Bryce’s journey here at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, where he’s brightening up the hallways with more than just a nightlight.

Bryce now has his sights set on taking the turtles to New Zealand.

Emma Crichton, QUT News.