First tonight, there’s increasing concern that Mount Agung volcano in Bali is about to erupt.

There have been mass evacuations in the area, although tourist flights have not yet been cancelled.

But many visitors travelling for the holidays could find themselves stuck for weeks by ash clouds.

Jessica Riga reports.


More than 75,000 people have been moved from the surrounding areas of Mount Agung as the volcano increasingly threatens to explode.

Many are now huddled in makeshift centres kilometres from their homes and Indonesian President Joko Widodo has visited to reassure them.

Joko Widodo, Indonesian President: “The central, provincial and district government will continue to try and minimise the economic losses of the community.”

Volcanologists say it’s too difficult to predict when the volcano will erupt.

Indonesian Volcanologist: “The seismic activity of Mount Agung is still high and its status remains at the highest, dangerous level.”

The experts say recordings of tremors deep within the volcano are still constant but there are now more than one thousand of them each day.

Airlines are offering refunds to travellers who wish to stay home, but tourists in the popular beach side area of Kuta are taking it in their stride.

VOX 1: “Nobody’s scared so we’re not scared.”

They’re confident they won’t feel the eruption itself.

VOX 2: “We think we will be fine, it’s 70, 70 kilometers away. We should be fine.”

But the resulting ash and gas cloud could well disrupt flight plans for weeks.

Mount Agung last erupted 54 years ago and more than one thousand people were killed.

The Australian government is warning Aussie travellers to listen to authorities and follow instructions when the volcano erupts.

Jessica Riga, QUT News.