People with Acquired Brain Injury will now get more assistance in Brisbane.

A new rehabilitation program will help them recover at home.

Rachael Maguire reports.


For Shane Daley and Miguel Cayari, being able to leave hospital sooner has been a welcome relief.

Both men sustained brain injuries in separate accidents late last year.

Miguel, from falling asleep at the wheel.

And Shane…

Shane Daley, Program Participant: “My accident was, electric powered skateboard. I came off it approximately 42 kilometres per hour.”

The pair are taking part in a new trial program, designed to rehabilitate patients in their own homes.

The program also provides therapy apartments for regional and rural patients.

Areti Kennedy, Program Manager: “It’s skilling people and their families with the practical skills they need but also those coping skills for when life doesn’t go straight forward after this initial 12 week period.”

For both men, even the simplest tasks proved difficult when returning home.

Miguel Cayari, Program Participant: “It was very helpful because it helped me getting back to doing things that I used to do, so, a lot of public transport.”

Shane Daley, Program Participant: “It’s not until they help you with certain kind of issues that you’ve picked up on and they can help you with that, and you can work on that and then really start to feel that confidence in yourself.”

For patients like Shane and Miguel, the rehabilitation apartment has not only allowed them the freedom to return home, it has given them the opportunity to start planning for the future.

Something that not long ago, seemed a long way off.

Rachel Maguire, QUT News.