The first major test of driverless cars in Queensland will be held in Ipswich.

The state government has announced details of the trial which will be held in 2019.

Elizabeth Peel reports.


A road users dream.

Fewer crashes, reduced traffic and less stress.

It’ll soon be the new reality, with the Queensland Government preparing for a trial of driverless cars.

Five hundred Ipswich residents will be recruited to participate in two years.

It’ll be the largest on-road trial in Australia, with the use of ‘auto pilot’ style cars expected to reduce the road toll.

Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads: “I’ve got no doubt that as we see technology take over more and more into the road space, we will see safety improve as well.”

The Minister told a major transport summit in Brisbane that the era of driverless cars is rapidly approaching.

Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads: “Technology is changing how we move about significantly.”

As the government prepares for the trial, the question remains whether drivers will need any form of license in the future.

Daniel Suter, Transmax Principal Consultant: “There’s kids being born today who will probably never get a license, they’ll never need a license so in some ways I think there’s going to be a big shake up in that world.”

The trial is also expected to reduce road congestion, but industry experts say there is still a long way to go.

Brian Negus, Intelligent Transport Systems President: “My view is we will see less vehicles but it will take about a decade or two to get there.”

A driver-less future accelerating.

Elizabeth Peel, QUT News.