The Brisbane City Council is recycling old roads.

It says the sustainable streets program is saving ratepayers as well as the environment.

Tiffanie Turnbull reports.


This is where the Brisbane City Council does much of the ground work for its road recycling program.

The Carina plant plays a key role in processing materials from old roads, curbing and footpaths.

More than 63,000 tonnes of asphalt from the Council’s road networks was recycled in the last year alone.

Peter Matic, Field Service Chairman, Brisbane City Council: “We scrape off that top level, we bring it here, and we put it back into the system.”

These recycled elements produce 20 per cent of the materials used in new roads.

Peter Matic, Field Services Chairman, Brisbane City Council: “But we’re doing work right now to increase that to 30 per cent, and our target is to be sure to reach 40 per cent in the future.”

The council’s $360 million Smoother Suburban Streets Program will see 2,000 roads resurfaced over four years.

500 streets have already been improved with another 20 major roads set to be resurfaced by the end of the year.

Laying the base for a greener future.

Tiffanie Turnbull, QUT News.