The tall ship Young Endeavour has docked in Brisbane.

Its crew of young sailors just completing a challenging voyage off the Queensland coast.

Johanna Little reports.


Completing yet another voyage, the Young Endeavour was guided into Brisbane by its crew.

The training tall ship left Mackay on Saturday before sailing south.

On board, 24 Australians aged between 16 and 23 set out on the trip of a lifetime, learning navigation skills, how to set a sail and take the helm of a sailing ship.

Jasmine Hastings, Youth Crew: “I don’t want to go home, it’s been amazing.”

VOX 1: “Yeah, it was pretty good; been a bit rough.”

Seasickness posed a problem for many of the young crew.

25 knot northerlys hampered the voyage into Brisbane after the crew weathered a storm off Noosa.

Lieutenant-Commander Mike Gough, Young Endeavour Captain: “It was exciting, the youth crew came up on deck and there was bits of lightning so it was a good light show.”

Family and friends gathered on the docks to welcome the ship mates.

But for some of the young sailors, it was a sad farewell to their home of 11 days.

Ten nights on board the Young Endeavour has turned these landlubbers into sailors worthy of their salt.

They leave her with tall tales to last a lifetime.

Johanna Little, QUT News.