Three 15-year-old boys have survived a fiery early morning crash in the Brisbane suburb of Windsor.

The boys were rescued by locals, who heard them hooning down their street.

Tiffanie Turnbull reports.


The three teens are not even old enough to legally drive.

Today, they’re lucky to be alive.

They were pulled from this wreckage moments before the four wheel drive burst into flames.

Police believe the boys broke into a unit nearby, stole the resident’s handbag and then her car.

And crashed it at speed into a concrete wall.

David Farley, Acting Inspector Queensland Police: “Once it’s collided to the wall, people in the street have actually heard the vehicle come down the street and they’ve heard the impact. They’ve come out and rendered assistance. All three youths were removed as it caught fire.”

The teenagers were taken to hospital, with one suffering a serious abdominal injury and the others broken bones.

They are now facing serious charges.

Tiffanie Turnbull, QUT News.