It may be school holidays, but some Queensland secondary students are still hard at work.

They’re attending a special camp at QUT focusing on science, technology, engineering and maths.

Rachael Maguire reports.


They’re 160 of Queensland’s most gifted year 11 students.

And they’re attending QUT’s fifth annual STEM camp.

The Acting Premier was also on hand, encouraging careers in science, technology, engineering and maths in the future.

Curtis Pitt, Acting Premier: “It’s been very clear that they’re thinking about what’s not only going to happen over the next two years, they’re thinking about the next two decades of their life.”

With technology playing a big part in most people’s lives, the program aims to set students up for the future.

Rob Lucas, STEM Ambassador QUT: “It’s gonna be something that everyone’s gonna need to have a part in, whether they’d like to or not, it’s gonna be really advantageous to have those skills and then work with other people who have different skills in the same area to create projects that, you know, we’d never imagined before.”

But what do these young high achievers think about giving up some of their holidays for more study?

Pranay Gulati, Student: “It’s been great, just spending time with QUT, so I’m really happy to do that.”

Christofer Borzi, Student: “I don’t really mind. I get to do something I really enjoy.”

The camp gives these students an opportunity to meet with the universities best minds and to interact with their robot Pepper.

The camp will finish later this week.

Then it’s back to school.

Rachel Maguire, QUT News.