A new poll shows that support for same-sex marriage has fallen below 60 per cent.

Campaigning for both the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ sides has heated up, as Australians begin returning their ballot papers.

Johanna Little reports.



Supporters of marriage equality might be worried after a poll this morning showed a fall in the ‘yes’ side of the upcoming postal survey.

Latest Newspoll results show that support for the ‘yes’ vote has slipped six points to 57 per cent.

While the number of ‘no’ voters has risen in the last month, from 30 to 34 per cent.

Nine per cent remain undecided.

Both sides complain about the campaign tactics being used.

A controversial ‘yes’ text, sent randomly on Friday, irritated voters.

The ‘no’ campaign is being buoyed by former Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott, who say that religious freedom and freedom of speech are at stake.

Despite that, politicians on the side of same sex marriage remain confident of victory.

Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition: “Some of the arguments are just preposterous. I’m quietly confident that yes, the yes campaign will prevail in the survey.”

Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens Senator: “If they’re going to wed, you know, hook their wagon to Tony Abbott, the no campaign, well, it’s a sure bet they’ll lose.”

Meanwhile, a second Newspoll shows Malcolm Turnbull’s Government has slipped to another low.

Mr Turnbull’s lost ground to Bill Shorten, but is still 11 points ahead as preferred Prime Minister.

Johanna Little, QUT News.