Brisbane airport has made a surprise choice for its new artist-in-residence.

While his name may be unfamiliar, the material he works with certainly isn’t.

Emily Kuehner reports.


Ben Craig is known as Ben the Brick Builder and he’s landed his dream job.

This will be his studio for the next 12 months.

Ben Craig, The Brick Builder: “The plan is for the year to be in both terminals, International and Domestic, we’ll be engaging passengers and putting big installations like this into the terminals.”

He spent more than 100 hours building this model of a Boeing 787.

Throughout his term here, the lifelong Lego fan will be creating two walls of artwork.

Ben Craig, The Brick Builder: “Aviation and LEGO, the two passions spring together, it’s just been an absolute dream to have the opportunity to build for the airport and for QANTAS as well.”

Ben was one of hundreds of applicants for the Brisbane Airport Corporation’s Artist-in-Residence program.

As well as creating his own works, he’ll be hosting a number of public workshops to share his LEGO-building skills and tips.

Ben Craig, The Brick Builder: “The broad appeal of LEGO is a major shift from the previous artists-in-residence, who entertained passengers with live music and painting.”

Ben follows the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and painter Robert Brownhall.

A surprising choice perhaps, but one LEGO fans young and old will appreciate.

Emily Kuehner, QUT News.