The weather is causing health problems, with an early start to hay fever season.

It’s a double whammy for some, as the flu continues to take its toll.

Kate McCormack reports.


Wheezing, coughing, short of breath?

If this sounds like you there’s a good chance you’ve been struck by allergy season.

Vox 1: “Sometimes I can get out of the car and it might be a high pollen count in the area and my eyes just water, it drives me nuts.”

With Spring well and truly in the air, Queenslanders who suffer from hayfever or asthma have been warned.

Especially if they’ve had the flu.

Dr Vishal Mehta, Kenmore GP: “Quite a few patients actually came in after having a major influenza infections and because of threat infections it leaves them with more inflamed lungs and air tracts.”

This recent hayfever influx comes after the influenza virus continues to spread, with 3,600 Queenslanders being diagnosed last week alone.

Health experts say you can manage your hayfever effectively with over the counter solutions.

James Dimitrious, Pharmacist: “One, antihistamines they’re nice and easy to take on a daily bases. Two, a cortisone nasal spray, depending on the symptoms, that’s very effective to reduce inflammation. Three, a saline nasal spray or irrigation.”

Dr Peter Anderson, CEO Asthma Foundation Queensland: “For asthma people, might feel tight in the chest or wheezy and difficulty breathing, so if that’s the case then people need to refer to their asthma action plan and make sure they’re taking their medication as prescribed.”

Kate McCormack, QUT News.