South East Queensland is set for scorching weather, with temperatures forecast to reach well into the 30s.

And there’s a severe bushfire threat.

Rob Lutton reports.


It’s bad news for Queenslanders who are looking to enjoy spring, as a January like heatwave is predicted to settle on Brisbane.

Records indicate we are in the driest period in 25 years, causing major bush fire alerts.

Wayne Waltisbuhl, Brisbane Regional Fire Manager: “The worst of areas will be out in the Darling Downs and West of the Darling Downs will experience extreme fire weather. And as we move further to the coast we will drop back to very high fire danger.”

Emergency services have stepped up preparations for this weekend’s heat, and say those living in fire prone areas should do the same.

They say residents should be careful with cigarettes and barbecues, because the smallest spark could start uncontrollable bushfires.

Meteorologists say it will be a scorcher.

As temperatures hit the mid 30s, South Bank’s main beaches will be packed for the school holidays. Others however, may choose just to cool off with a cold ice cream.

Some beach goers were surprised by the sudden heat.

Others, welcomed the early summer temperatures.

Vox 1: “I mean Brisbane can get up to 30 degrees. So it’s a good day today. 25 degrees doesn’t get much better than that does it?”

Vox 2: “Um well, really surprised and it’s really hot. It went really quick from winter to summer.”

The heatwave is expected to peak at midday on Monday with a top of 35 degrees.

Rob Lutton, QUT News.