Apple’s latest iPhone has been launched in Brisbane.

The tech giant has also released its latest watch, which is already in big demand.

John Hui reports.


Apple fans queued early in Brisbane, and many couldn’t wait to update their favourite devices.

Vox 1: “(What did you buy today?) The Apple iPhone8 Plus. (Why Apple?) Because I have a 6 and I really want an upgrade.”

Vox 2: “Just the old seems not working properly, so maybe is time to change to a new one.”

Vox 3: “iPhone 8. What do you mean so early? We’ve been waiting for so long.”

Demand was also high for Apple’s latest watch.

Vox 4: “(What new features you like about the new Apple Watch?) Um the water proof mostly. I wanna start doing swimming, so using that for swimming as well, cause this one doesn’t, particularly good in the water.”

The company says it’s the first watch with a cellular function.

May Boisen, General Manager of Telstra: “Customers demand has been great for the Apple Watch. It’s a real game changer for today, you know, imagine you can actually leave your phone at home, go for a run, stream music, but still be contactable by your family.”

By paying an extra $5 a month, the Telstra One Number plan allows the latest Apple Watch user to make calls and receive message without their phone near by.

Apple’s main competitor, Samsung, is due to release its latest watch towards the end of this year.

John Hui, QUT News.