Police have charged a man, after he allegedly head butted former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, in Hobart.

He’s been granted conditional bail.

Georgia Garland reports.


A man wearing a ‘yes’ badge allegedly headbutted Tony Abbott, leaving him with a swollen lip.

Tony Abbott, Former Prime Minister: “It’s a shock to have a, a fellow Australian seeking to shake your hand, turn a handshake into an assault.”

The former Prime Minister reported the matter to police.

It’s said to have occurred after he’d met with same-sex marriage opponents.

CCTV footage shows Tony Abbott walking down the street with a staff member minutes before the incident.

Tony Abbott, Former Prime Minister: “I pushed him away, staff member of mine grappled with him briefly, uh and then he scarpered off, uh saying eff this and eff that.”

The Prime Minister condemned any act of violence in relation to the same sex marriage debate.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “One incident is one too many, just one is one too many.”

He is calling for respect from both sides of the marriage equality debate.

Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister: “Sometimes, uh, strong opinions are expressed but we always do so with respect for the other point of view.”

People from both sides are condemning the reported assault.

Yes campaigners are urging the public not to associate the man’s actions with the yes campaign, referring to him as a ‘deliquent’.

Georgia Garland, QUT News.