The Brisbane Broncos are preparing for what will almost certainly be their toughest game so far this season.

The battered local side take on an in-form Storm, in Melbourne, for the right to play in the Grand Final.

Tim Shepherd reports.


Even with Captain Darius Boyd back on the field tonight, the Broncos will have their work cut out for them.

Coach Wayne Bennett has hit back at critics who claim star winger Cory Oates shouldn’t have been cleared to play after a sickening head-clash last week.

Wayne Bennett, Broncos Coach: “The doctors made decisions, it’s now in Corey’s hands whether he wants to play or not, and he wants to play and that’s the way it’s going to be.”

Meanwhile the Cowboys, who were written off as premiership contenders this season, had their final training session in Sydney this morning.

They go up against the Sydney Roosters at Allianz stadium Saturday night.

Tim Shepherd, QUT News.