Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reiterated his commitment to Queensland in Brisbane today.

But his message of ‘jobs and growth’ was interrupted by a Coalition MP dropping the f-bomb.

Marisa Kuhlewein reports.


Liberal National Party Federal member for Petrie, Luke Howarth,- was caught swearing under his breath, after the PM was questioned on the lack of female MPs on the trip.

Undeterred, Mr Turnbull continued talking up jobs and growth while promoting the Gateway Motorway North upgrade site at Nudgee.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: “4,300 created by this project by this work behind us. 4,300, and many more to come.”

The Prime Minister denied the visit was connected to any state election but strongly endorsed State Opposition leader Tim Nicholls as an alternative premier.

Today was also an opportunity to defend the Federal Government’s decision to build the final leg of the Melbourne to Brisbane inland railway on Queensland floodplains.

Darren Chester, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport: “I believe a combination of that local knowledge plus some of the best engineering minds in Australia will allows us to deliver a project that our kids and grand-kids will thank us for.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: “This is a massive piece of nation building infrastructure. People have always known it should be built, but my government is the first one to actually put the billions of dollars to work to build it.”

Campaigning, or not, Mr Turnbull took a swipe at what he called the Palaszczuk Government’s lack of commitment to deliver affordable and reliable energy.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: “It’s not an ideological issue, it’s not coal versus renewables or gas versus coal or wind versus solar – it’s all of the above.”

Marisa Kuhlewein, QUT News.